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    advantages of using the services of an agent when selling goods in a foreign jurisdiction

    Question: Watch the CBC videos entitled Security Regulation Part Two and Protecting Investors Show Videos after watching the videos; discuss the arguments for and against a national securities regulator in your group discussion forum.

    Answer: The main argument for a national regulator is that the regulator reduces the costs incurred when raising capital, thus, increasing the protection of investors and the country’s competitive advantage. The solutions that the regulator can offer include protecting investors, improved enforcement, stop fraud, and make capital markets more efficient.
    The main arguments against having a national regulator is that it lead to the loss of employment opportunities, and the move can change the decision-making platform very considerably. Further, the new system can take the place of a system that is already working well. The positions against the regulator include that it can compromise law enforcement and administrative efficiencies.

    Activity 3

    Question: Explore title insurance by visiting the websites of companies that provide it, such as http: // or

    Answer: Insurance is a service that allows lenders and owners of homes to receive protection against ownership claims, problems with ownership titles, and surprise liens. Getting title insurance protects the owner of a property

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