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    advantages and disadvantages of conducting simulations

    The advantage of simulation is simulations are useful in scenarios where it is impractical to apply mathematical models. The rationale for this irrelevancy of mathematical model is probably the complicated nature of the system. Indeed, the system’s behavior can hardly be presented in the form of mathematical equations (Sokolowski & Banks, 2011). Thus, the system exhibits uncertainty or has some characteristics that are stochastic in nature. In many instances, simulation is used after exhausting other ways of system behavior expression. More so, simulation is particularly essential in case alterations in a prevailing system are necessary. The impact of these changes ought to be pre examined before implementation. Testing out changes in the actual system is not the best alternative since the system is not existent, the expenses are very high and there are many cases to try out. Besides, the test is time-consuming, and the alterations are illegal. Thus, in all these scenarios, a simulation model makes it possible to try out many cases within a short period (Sokolowski & Banks, 2011).

    A demerit of simulation regarding mathematical techniques entails that simulation cannot apparently be used to arrive at the best solution. There are techniques that focus on maximizing the outcome though the simulation is not intrinsically an optimization tool. It is always the sole means to solve complex system analysis. The majority of the systems may not be represented using mathematical models. Hence, simulation becomes………………………………..

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