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    4-5 sentences need for one simple question

    Spring Assignment on Diversity – Hispanics – Mkt 291 Assignment  

    VIEW in class

    Ruth Rosales Video – — U.S. Hispanic spending influences the nation’s economy – Pizza patron Hispanic marketing success story

    VIEW outside of class — the videos below (this was in Ruth’s video)   (This was in Ruth’s video)  Differences in Latino and Hispanics   Bill Moyers Interview – Hispanic America

    Read the following articles that focus on various aspects of the Hispanic consumer market:

    This assignment is to assist in broadening your understanding of the Hispanic population as a marketplace, as consumers of unique products as well as consumers of some products which are the same as other minority or majority groups.  Questions to consider include: How should this group‘s specific attributes affect marketing decisions, and what should a firm’s strategy be to reach this market?  After researching the articles and watching the videos, please answer the following questions.  Please double space, spell- check, and support your answers! 

    My question is: d.Can Hispanic consumers be targeted in one consumer segment or are there differences among them that need to be considered?

    This is a group work, i just need 4-5 sentences for this simple question please!!!

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