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    17 Dynamic Instructional Laws

    Directions:  Type your answers for each question under the red title. Then paste the entire document in the provided chapter drop box. Make sure you answer all parts of the question.  You will be evaluated on content detail, accuracy of information, applied knowledge, logical organization, and graduate-level writing conventions.



    1. Identify one of the 17 Dynamic Instructional Laws that you feel the least confident in demonstrating consistently.  Then, for that law, identify a beginning, midpoint, and ending goal to implement that concept in your teaching.  For example:


    The Law: The Law of Command: Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

                    Beginning Goal:  Keep track of the number of times I tell my students to                                                              do something.

                    Midpoint Goal: Saying things only twice before reinforcement.

                    Ending Goal:  Telling students only once and they comply.


    Implementing an Effective Teaching Practice


    The Law:


                Beginning Goal:


    Midpoint Goal:


    Ending Goal:


    1. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy, write seven objectives that you would construct for this chapter’s section on lesson planning.  Use each level of the taxonomy to write the objectives.  For example:


    Knowledge:  The student will be able to list the nine basic parts of a lesson plan.

    Example Cognitive Objectives Using Blooms Taxonomy







    1. Some say you should never have to write another lesson plan because you can find them on the Internet.  Find a lesson plan on the Internet that you could use in your present or future classroom and list its URL below and paste the lesson plan.


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